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With James Estate Services & Appraisals, all our services start with a free in home consultation to discuss your particular situation and needs. Maureen will provide you with a preliminary estimate of your property value, discuss options for an estate sale, brokerage, buy out or fair market appraisal for donation. She will present you with a copy of our no obligation contact to review and discuss the fee structure required for services.

On Site Estate Sale

An on site estate sale takes place in the home and on the homes property, usually including the garage and outside patio areas. No go zones can be established for items not for sale or where hazards are present.


  • All items for sale are made visible and displayed. Display tables are added through out the home to organize and neatly present the items.
  • Jewelry and other valuable items are presented in locked glass cases with a staff member always present during the sale. Valuables are never left after hours and are secured off site.
  • Items are researched, appraised and priced. 
  • Advertising is provided via our email list, internet services, print ads and local post up signs.
  • The sale is scheduled and conducted by our staff. All monies are collected in the form of cash, credit or checks and held until the final ending statement is provided.
  • After the sale we remove all of our staging and all unsold items are neatly left in the home.
  • We refer donation services or contract for removal of the remaining items.
  • An accounting of all items sold and final check with an ending statement is provided.

Brokerage / Buy Out

Often after downsizing or moving out an estate you are left with several key items of value. James Estate Services & Appraisals has many local co-op contacts to sell the items on commission, we also use online auction services or in some cases directly purchase the items from you. As always a contract is provided and all fee's are disclosed.


James Estate Services & Appraisals will provide you a verbal evaluation of your personal property based on current market research and analysis. Our rates are $150 per hour.

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